Table 5.

Association between H. pylori infection and seroprevalence to CagA according to the extension of intestinal metaplasia

Non–atrophic gastritisIntestinal metaplasia

Moderate to severe
nnOR (95% CI)*nOR (95% CI)*
H. pylori histology
    Positive227391.2 (0.7-2.2)372.0 (1.0-4.0)
H. pylori serology
    Positive270471.5 (0.8-3.0)442.9 (1.2-6.9)
    Positive236431.5 (0.8-2.9)454.4 (1.8-11.0)
  • * Patients with non–atrophic gastritis were used as the control group; OR adjusted for sex, age, ever smoking, ever drinking alcohol, and level of education.