Table 5.

Adjusted ORs and 95% CIs for the association between risk factors and subsequent development of pancreatic cancer in various subgroups

Risk factorsOR* (95% CI)
Male subjects onlyWhite male subjects onlyWhite male smokers
H. pylori IgG serology
    Positive0.69 (0.31-1.53)0.80 (0.35-1.85)0.85 (0.32-2.30)
H. pylori CagA serology
    IgG negative and CagA negative1.001.001.00
    CagA negative vs uninfected0.70 (0.25-1.91)0.84 (0.29-2.46)1.56 (0.57-4.30)
    CagA positive vs uninfected0.94 (0.38-2.36)1.09 (0.38-3.11)2.59 (0.90-7.42)
Cigarette smoking
    Ever2.15 (0.83-5.57)1.98 (0.74-5.34)NA
    Former2.16 (0.66-7.04)2.34 (0.72-7.59)NA
    <1 packs/d2.00 (0.69-6.44)1.69 (0.52-5.52)NA
    ≥2 packs/d2.39 (0.83-6.91)2.00 (0.66-6.11)NA
    Less than college1.001.001.00
    College and beyond1.47 (0.67-1.23)2.17 (0.96-4.93)2.00 (0.80-5.03)
  • Abbreviation: NA, not applicable.

  • * ORs obtained by conditional logistic regression and adjusted for the two other variables in the table.

  • A separate multivariate analysis was conducted to test for the effect of the H. pylori CagA protein.