Table 2.

Potential for exposure to blood-borne infections and non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Cases (n = 694)Controls (n = 694)Adjusted OR* (95% CI)PheterogeneityPtrend
Injecting drug use
    Ever832.99 (0.78-11.51)0.09
Age first injected drugs
    >20 y212.26 (0.20-25.10)
    ≤20 y623.37 (0.66-17.04)0.230.11
No. years injected
    ≤3422.25 (0.41-12.49)
    >3414.47 (0.49-40.58)0.210.11
Blood transfusion
    Ever91950.95 (0.69-1.30)0.73
    Do not know24
Number of blood transfusions
    One68521.29 (0.88-1.90)
    Two or more23420.54 (0.32-0.91)0.020.21
    Do not know25
Age first blood transfusion
    ≥35 y51471.04 (0.68-1.60)
    <35 y40470.87 (0.56-1.36)0.810.65
    Do not know25
  • * Adjusted for the matching variables (age as a continuous variable, sex, and geographic area) and ethnicity.

  • At least 1 year before interview.

  • One control subject recalled having a blood transfusion but could not recall their age or the number of transfusions; the remainder of subjects in this category did not know whether they had received a blood transfusion.