Table 1

RR of breast cancer in women according to combined levels of recreational physical activity in 1982–1984 and about 10 years earlier, in 1971–75: NHEFS

Activity levelPerson-years of observationNo. of casesMultivariate-adjusted RR (95% CI)a
All women
 Consistently low11,553361.0
 Moderate/inconsistent30,429860.92 (0.62–1.38)
 Consistently high8,799160.58 (0.31–1.07)
P for trend 0.107
Women <50 yrs of ageAll women
 Consistently low4,08271.0
 Moderate/inconsistent13,856251.07 (0.46–2.51)
 Consistently high4,582101.19 (0.43–3.30)
P for trend 0.732
Women ≥50 yrs of ageAll women
 Consistently low7,472291.0
 Moderate/inconsistent16,574610.87 (0.55–1.38)
 Consistently high4,21860.33 (0.14–0.82)
P for trend 0.026
  • a Models were adjusted for height, BMI at age 25 years, adult weight change (age 25 years to age at 1982–1984 interview), and sample design variables. Results were similar in unadjusted models.